T-sql – List all users and permission


I found this script and find it is very helpful to me. I am new here and not good in coding. Can someone explain to me the below script the **'{All Users}'means? represent of? Appreciate your answer and reply. Thank you very much!

–List all access provisioned to the public role, which everyone gets by default

    [UserName] = **'{All Users}',**
    [UserType] = **'{All Users}'**, 
    [DatabaseUserName] = '{All Users}',       
    [Role] = roleprinc.[name],      
    [PermissionType] = perm.[permission_name],       
    [PermissionState] = perm.[state_desc],       
    [ObjectType] = obj.type_desc,--perm.[class_desc],  
    [ObjectName] = OBJECT_NAME(perm.major_id),
    [ColumnName] = col.[name]
    sys.database_principals roleprinc


Best Answer

This refers to the role public.

every user gets this role, and so the rights that the role public has, are valid for all users, so there is no singular username shown in the result only the text `{All Users}ยด