Oracle DB refresh on 11g using 10g Cold backup


I am a sql dba, I am having only a little knowledge on Oracle. looking for help regarding oracle db restore.
I am having an Oracle 10g cold backup, i need to restore this on Oracle 11g setup, can you please help me understanding the process how to perform.

Best Answer

Datapump command like impdp can be used for importing the 10g DB contents into the 11g DB.


The above datapump command is an example of logical backup which can be done when a database is in running mode. Below are the common steps followed during a logical backup and restore:

  1. Export(Backup) of full DB is taken in old server:

    expdp system/password@db10g full=Y directory=DIRECTORY_ON_SERVER dumpfile=DUMPFILE_NAME.dmp logfile=LOGFILE_NAME.log

  2. Dumpfile moved to new server

  3. Import(Restore) dumpfile in the new server:

    impdp system/password@db11g full=Y directory=DIRECTORY_ON_SERVER dumpfile=DUMPFILE_NAME.dmp logfile=LOGFILE_NAME.log

More details on this can be found in --> (Better than Oracle docs)

Now coming back to the actual question, what you are asking is a restore of the cold backup in 11g DB server.

The restore of the cold backup can be done by using RMAN command(s) as below:

RMAN> restore database from TAG='COLD_BACKUP_FILE_NAME'

I assume that you have taken backup of all the necessary files during the cold backup process.

Hope this helps you !!
Please share your progress with regard to this :)