Windows – How to: Create a playlist with full albums for which one (or more) of its contained tracks has a 5 star rating


I am looking for a tool/script/javascript to run within windows against my iTunes database that will produce a playlist of "all albums for which I have given five stars to any one song."

I can easily get a play list of my 5 star songs (been there, done that) but now I want one that pulls in the remainder of each album that has a 5 star song. Odds are, if I liked one song, I should listen to the rest of the album again and may find others I like as well.

I saw something like this a few months ago, but can't find the site. provides some useful scripts, but not quite what I'm looking for.

Any help out there?


Best Answer

Don't know of a precise solution to what you're asking, but here's a possible workaround.

Create a playlist of all the songs rated 5 stars. Change the viewable columns for the playlist to show the Album Rating. Set the rating of all of the albums to 5 stars (I believe, unfortunately, that this has to be done on Windows on an album-by-album basis). Now create a new playlist for all the albums with 5 stars.