This “Distant Future Corp” startup item added after a Microsoft update


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This item just appeared after a Microsoft update. "Distant Future Corp" has a couple of apps on the app store and only a few staff. They appear to deal with sharing of things like link collections, but it’s hard to find out much about them or their CEO(?) Steve Gehrman (as a Flutter developer he has a GitHub account and allied company Cocoatech developed Path Finder, which I brew installed and then uninstalled—awhile before this MS addition—as it failed to do what I needed).

It seems impossible from an hour or more searching to find out why Microsoft has added this to my startup items, or what that company has to do with Microsoft. For now I’ve turned it off. Anyone know any more?

Best Answer

Distant Future Corp is the owner of Cocoatech who are the developers/creators of Path Finder. See this Privacy Policy. (Found with a simple web search.)

A complete uninstall of Path Finder would have removed the background and privileged helper software including that with the Distant Future Corp developer certificate.

This page Path Finder FAQ includes assistance in uninstalling Path Finder.

For futures uninstalls, I suggest you use an app like AppCleaner which is pretty accurate at removing all the detritus left compared with just delete an app or brew uninstall it.

This has nothing to do with Microsoft.