Suddenly cannot print over WiFi


I have an Epson Stylus NX625 that my family had been using from several Macs and Macbooks until recently. Now when we attempt to print the Mac reports "Looking for printer" for several minutes followed by "Printer not connected." The printer reports no error (it thinks it is properly connected to WiFi.)

This problem started around the time I replaced my old Airport Extreme with a new 6th gen Airport Extreme (the tall one, with 802.11ac).

My Macs can still print properly if I connect the printer directly via USB (it is normally configured for wireless printing.)

I have updated the printer drivers and reset the printing system on each Mac.

I am stumped. Any ideas?

Best Answer

I had the same issue, had to turn off and on the printer to get it to print every time even if the jobs were only a few minutes apart. I was not thrilled about changing the 5GHz name as suggested above.

I resolved my issue by going into the Airport Utility on my iphone, go to Edit->Advanced->Add WPS Printer->With pin

Now my Epson Workforce 845 works as it should. I assume there is something in the router that treats a printer different than a general client and adding it as I did above solves least it did for me.