Signpost_notificationd is flooding error log with błąd “0 is not a valid connection ID”

high sierra

I recently noticed that my error log is being literally flooded with "0 is not a valid connection ID" generated by signpost_notificationd process. The message is being logged few times per second.

How can I check what is causing this?

Best Answer

MacBookPro 2017 / MacBookPro14,3

I was getting this issue on reboot along with the high kernal_task usage. I went through the console killing of the noisiest processes and sure enough, signpost was one of them. Soon as I did, my kernal_task process dropped back to normal. It has been running at > 600%.

sudo ps aux | grep -E '^root.*signpost_notificationd' | awk '{system("sudo kill -9 " $2)}'