On Mac, is it possible to generate a folder structure in Finder’s contextual menu

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For every new project I start, I create a standard folder structure that looks like this:

(NUMBER) Client Name:
– Subfolder 1
– Subfolder 2
– Subfolder 3
– Subfolder 4

Or like so:

enter image description here

Currently, I copy-paste this from another source folder – wondering if it's possible to add a shortcut to the contextual menu in Finder (pic below), so I can just right-click anywhere and "generate" this folder, with all the subfolders inside? I've had a go using Automator but can't figure it out…

I'm on Mojave (and High Sierra on another machine).


Best Answer

You could use Automator with a Shell Script action. You can set it to take in "Folders" and use the below code (change the Shell Script action to take arguments instead of stdin).

cd $1
mkdir "[--] Unnamed Client"
cd "[--] Unnamed Client"
mkdir Fonts Photos Quotes "Raw Files"

The script moves to the folder you selected (cd $1). It creates a folder for the client and cd's into it. It creates folders for the contents.

If you're always making the folders in the same place, you could remove the input or change it to "Files and Folders" and change the first cd command to cd to the location where you want the client folder.