N OS X dashboard widget for notes from the iPhone Notes app


I'm looking for a Dashboard widget for OS X that allows you to read and edit notes—the pieces of text in iPhone Notes application and Mail.app. (I.e., something analogous to the To Do Widget which shows the same To Do items that you can access through iCal.)

I don't use Mail.app regularly and would like some quicker way to access the notes synced from my iPhone.

Edit: To reiterate, this question is specifically about the notes in iPhone's Notes app (screenshot below) and in Mail.app. (And not e.g. about alternative notes apps for iPhone/OS X or iCal's To Do items.)

Best Answer

If you are looking for a way to sync and edit notes, then I suggest Simplenote. It isn't a Dashboard widget, but it's very lightweight and all of your notes are saved to a central server that all of your devices can see.