MacOS – While the MacBook sleeps, the network drops off


I have just moved over to a Macbook Pro from my old Macbook. Thanks to the Migration Assistant, it was an easy task, but I am now having an annoying issue: I have both computers on with all the same settings and everything identical. The wifi settings, the Energy Saving settings – everything.

Now, when the computer goes to 'Sleep', the behavior is different is between the two computers. I have Skype on. If I'm away for about an 1 hour, Skype will go offline. As a result if someone were to Skype me, the old Macbook will react – my Skype will ring when they call me and obviously they see me as online (despite the screen being off and the computer in sleep mode).

However, my new Macbook Pro will not ring. The party that wants to reach me will think I'm offline because the network connection gets disabled somehow. On my old Macbook, I just need to touch the trackpad and the screen comes on, but on my new Macbook pro I need to press a key (some websites state that this is the new thing on new version such as Lion and Mountain Lion), and the computer will quickly come on, pick up the wifi and only then all e-mails and Skype lines/calls will filter through and I will reappear as online.

How can I stay online even when my computer goes to sleep?

Best Answer

There are a couple of things that could be causing this:

  1. Make sure "Wake for network access" is checked in Energy Saver. This should work if Skype is sending data over Bonjour.Screenshot of Energy Saver control panel with wake for network access highlighted

  2. Your prior computer may only be turning off the display instead of sleeping the computer entirely. In the Energy Saver control panel, try setting the computer sleep time to Never. You can retain your display sleep time.

My understanding is that #2 is likely the solution as I don't believe the type of traffic on which Skype relies will trigger the Wake-On-LAN feature.