MacOS – Using wildcards in Find and Replace (Mac OS app)


I'm using an app called Scapple which (I think) accesses the built in Find and Replace of Mac OS.

It's a mind map app into which I'm pasting dozens and dozens of paragraphs from Kindle books. Each time you paste from Kindle, it adds the book title and location at the bottom of the pasted section. Like this:

AuthorSurname, AuthorFirstname. Book Title (Kindle Locations 637-639).
Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

I want to get rid of these, and deleting them one at a time is getting laborious. I could remove them in seconds with a Find and Replace leaving the Replace box empty, if it weren't for the Location changing every time.

Is there a way to use wildcards in a Find and Replace in Mac OS apps?

So my Find string would look something like:

AuthorSurname, AuthorFirstname. Book Title (Kindle Locations ???-???).
Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

Best Answer

macOS's built-in text find and replace, NSTextFinder shown below, does support wildcards available from clicking the search button and choosing Insert Pattern (⌃⌥⌘P).

Other third-party search dialogs may support regex search. For example, in Scrivener, which is developed by the same company as Scapple, you can perform a regular expression search — [0-9]{3} matches a digit 0-9 exactly 3 times.