MacOS – Turn off address bar search


In Safari 6 – I know have a single search/address bar. I like it mostly, although as I'm developing sites locally, when I type in a local address such as site.local it searches Google for site.local,

I'm wondering if I can config it to look at the local DNS first, or turn this search off.

Best Answer

Here are a couple of things to try:

1. Start typing in the Smart Search Field. In the dropdown menu which appears, there should be a Go to Site option.

Safari - Go to Site

(Image from Apple Support Communities).

2. Try Matt Swain's AnySearch Safari Extension.

AnySearch allows you to use any custom search engine you want - not just the three that Safari allows by default. Alternatively, it allows you to disable the search functionality completely, returning to the Safari 5 functionality of only allowing web addresses.