MacOS – The best way to sandbox programs in OSX


I know that this question have been discussed before on AskDifferent, but none of the threads really satisfied me. For Windows you have a wonderful program called Sandboxie that let you easily set up sandboxes with different rules and privileges. What is the eaisest and most secure way of sandbox really malicious programs?

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easiest and most secure way

Please choose A or B, not both.

really malicious programs

Are we talking invasive virus software, like the stuff that came on Sony CDs?

Either a carefully-configured virtual machine, like VMware Fusion, or an isolated physical machine. By "isolated" I mean not used for anything else and not connected to any network. Make a fresh install of the OS, do what you need, but then never use the machine for anything else. I would assume that "really malicious" software would modify the recovery partition, bootloader, and even the firmware.