MacOS – some files show extensions while others don’t (OS X El Capitan)


The issue is very minor but I'm OCD with these things. I love consistency.

The first screenshot was taken from an ls output. As you can see all the files have an .xlsx extension.

ls output

The second screenshot was taken using finder. As you can see, one file shows the extension while the rest don't.

enter image description here

I don't want to change the finder setting where all extensions are shown.

Any ideas what could be the issue? thanks

Best Answer

Recent builds of Office applications are hiding file extensions by default, and have removed the save UI feature that allows you to override this. Your options are to either continue manually changing files to show extensions, or live with the inconsistency. Personally I agree with you, and would rather have the extensions shown for specific file types, but it appears that whether the save UI allows you to show extensions is up to the application authors. You have to complain to Microsoft on this one.