MacOS Sierra and QNAP SMB share – Disk does not support Time Machine backups. (error 45)


Quote from macOS Sierra: Disks you can use with Time Machine

If your backup disk is on a network, the network server can use Server
Message Block (SMB) file sharing. Your Mac must be connected to the
SMB server when you set up Time Machine. After you select the network
disk in Time Machine preferences, Time Machine automatically connects
to the disk when it’s time to back up or restore your data.

> sudo tmutil setdestination "/Volumes/$NAME/"                                                                                                                                                                                                      
/Volumes/$NAME: Disk does not support Time Machine backups. (error 45)
The backup destination could not be set.

I use QNAP TS-251 with latest firmware. The SMB share is working fine with Finder.

Any idea? I don't wish to use AFP.

I followed the instructions How do I set up Time Machine backups between my Mac and NAS on a domain via the SMB protocol?. When mounted as SMB it doesn't work, but with AFP it works.

Best Answer

QNAP says it is not supported!