MacOS – Removing Bundlore malware manually


I have a MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave. My Sophos antivirus software found a 'Bundlore' malware and I need to remove it manually.

It says it's located in: /Volumes/Player/

However, I can't find the location and I have tried different methods so far. Thanks for yout help!

Best Answer

The Bundlore adware is a collection of related adware programs with widely varying names, but that all appear to be made by the same group.

It is actually a Windows malware.


Delete all of the following browser extensions that you find: Shopy Mate, FlashMall, Cinema-Plus Pro (and variants like CinemaPlus, CinemaPro, Cinema + HD, Cinema + Plus + or Cinema Ploos).

Then Move the following items to the trash.

~/Library/Application Support/webHelperApp/
~/Library/Application Support/WebShopper/

If you find NONE of those files then the Malware has not installed, you just have the Installer.

More Information here