MacOS – Remove Default Application for File Extension in Catalina


I accidentally associated a file type with an application that doesn't work with that particular file type. (There is no application installed on my system that works with the file.) I would like to remove the default application association. I found this Q&A How to remove the default application for opening a file? but it seems like it's not exactly what I want and outdated for Catalina. For instance, there is no ~/Library/Preferences/ on my system. I would like to execute a command that removes the association for the one single file extension, not remove all of the associations for an application as this one appears to suggest. I have been able to dump the database using lsregister but I'm not sure what command could be used to remove one entry.

Best Answer

A Catalina-compatible alternative to RCDefaults can be found here:

It provides a preference pane and a command line utility for setting the default app of any file type.

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