MacOS – version 7 in macOS Sierra

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I have been using the that comes with Mavericks until El Capitan.

The reason that I have been copying that application instead of using the newer version is that it works better for my workflow and for a lot of other people, such as here, here, and here.

I have been copying the version on every system upgrade without any problems but it seems this can't be done with Sierra.

Is there a way I can get this app to run on newer macOS Sierra or some other clone of this app I can use? show this error:

Application failed to launch (id =, version = 7.0 reason = kLSIncompatibleApplicationVersionErr)
OSActivityID: 0x800000000034078c - 7.0 failure
SenderMachUUID: C10E9E98-E1E0-3795-A40C-252F709E6C93

Best Answer

Copy the old Preview and rename it (for example Preview_old), so you have two Previews in the Application folder. If the Preview_old gives the same failure and does not run, do the change as dante12 posted.
You have to change the GetInfo "open with" field to Preview_old for the relevant files.