MacOS – MS Word documents changing to .cpio files and then to .zip files

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I really need help with this issue: whenever I try to open a word document file from my Mac, the archive utility application opens up and turns the .doc file into a .cpio file and if I click on that it then turns into a .zip file.

I've tried to research and even called Mac Support and they were not helpful. I just want my MS Word files to open up when I double click on them. I don't know how to stop the archive utility from opening up. It's a repetitive cycle of .cpio file to .zip file to .cpio and so on.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know.

Best Answer

When a document opens with the wrong app the first thing to do is see what macOS thinks should happen.

  • In Finder find a document
  • Right click on it and choose Get Info
  • Look at what Open with... shows
  • If it is the wrong application alter it to be the correct one e.f. Word in this case. You might want to Change all as well.
    • If it is the correct app then more investigation needs to be done.