MacOS – Maximizing app window while persisting Menu bar on top


I would like to maximize all my app windows, especially browser windows. But I don't want to cover up the Menu bar at the top of the screen.

Right now, when I maximize Google Chrome for instance, it will expand all the way and hide the Menu bar, but when I hover the mouse pointer to the top, the window will jump up and down to reveal/conceal the Menu bar. I find this to be super annoying.

The first step of the dance routine:

enter image description here

The second step of the dance routine:

enter image description here

And, as I move my mouse up/down the view will toggle. I just want the Menu bar to always remain visible, but for my app windows to be maximized. Is that so hard?

Best Answer

You can use the free tool Spectacle App which allows to maximize (but no full-screen) the windows to use all available desktop space with following keyboard shortcut:

Option + Command + F

The keyboard shortcuts are visible in the app menu and can be changed within the app if they interfere with your workflow.

enter image description here