MacOS – How to disable the scroll position saving in Finder

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By default, the Finder always saves the last scroll position in folders and restores it when these folders are opened again later.

How can I disable this feature? I want all folders to always open in the Finder scrolled from the beginning. High Sierra is installed.

Best Answer

I found the answer here. In summary:

  1. Open in ~/Library/Preferences (Check here if you don't know how to edit this file)
  2. Locate StandardViewSettings > ListViewSetting and set scrollPositionY (or scrollPositionX) set to 0. (Note, there are other setting where the scroll position pops up so it depends a little bit where you experience the problem)
  3. Save that preference
  4. Restart the finder: hold down the option key and do a right-click on the Finder's icon in the dock and choose Relaunch.