MacOS – How do delete stuck download of Xcode 5 from app store


Initially I was downloading Xcode 5 from the Mac App Store, but I found it extremely slow, and so I stopped the download. Then I downloaded it from the developer web site instead, which was much faster. I installed it without any problem.

But now I have two Xcode 5 icons in my /Applications folder. One Xcode 5 icon is from the Mac App Store install with a progress bar at the bottom (progress stopped at one fourth). I tried to delete it a few times, but every time I restart my machine, it comes back again. How do I delete this partial download?

I am running OS 10.8.5.

Best Answer

It may help to manually remove the Launchpad databases from your home directory. The databases should be located at ~/Library/Application Support/Dock...The files may have UUID names (long string of hex chars)...Removing those files, performing a logout/login (or a reboot) should allow those files to be rebuilt from the exiting applications in /Applications.

You can get into the Library folder by holding down the "Option" key on the keyboard, clicking on the "Go" menu (when you're in the Finder), and choosing "Library".