MacOS – Finder opens new window each time


I just created a DMG and threw some folders in it. If I double-click a folder it opens in a new Finder window each time. Folders outside of the DMG are still opening normally. Holding option when I double-click causes the former window to close, but it's pretty inconvenient. Does anyone know how to get a DMG to show up in a normal Finder shell?

This is what I'm seeing, for what it's worth:

enter image description here

Best Answer

There are many things that could be going wrong here. First of all, make sure that when you navigate to Finder > Preferences > General, the option "Always open folders in a new window" is unchecked. If not, there are many solutions to your problem listed below:

  • Naviate to View > Show Toolbar
  • Navigate to View > as List, as Columns, or as Cover Flow
  • Get TotalFinder (, which adds many more settings to Finder

Good luck!