MacOS – create something like a macro in Numbers


I have this long formula that is used in a lot of columns:

=SE(N17<60; DEF.NÚM.DEC(SOMA(60; −N17); 1); "✔︎ Aprovado")

So, when I need to change something in this formula, I need to edit each one of then. So to avoid this kind of duplication, can I create something like a macro, which will make me able to do something like that:

def myMacro($POS):
  return SE($POS<60; DEF.NÚM.DEC(SOMA(60; −$POS); 1); "✔︎ Aprovado")

And use it like:


Note: The formulas are in portuguese.

Best Answer

There is rich documentation and deep automation support for Numbers being automated with Automator and AppleScript. Here is a mid-tutorial link to where to save your scripts and shows the menu bar to trigger these scripts.

I could see you entering the formula or substituting / selecting the range for which to apply a function quite easily.

The nice thing about that site is that it has many tutorials as well to cover the scripting syntax / how to use the script editor and all the things you learn in Numbers are general to other apps that have scripting support on macOS - first party apps and third party apps.