MacOS – AirPort Extreme Drops Out Periodically (Every 2-3 Days) Requiring Unplug/Replug to Restart


I have an AirPort Extreme that drops connection every two to three days. When my client indicates no signal/SSID present, it searches and does show my AirPort Extreme SSID. However, selecting it results in a timeout error. Unplugging and replugging the AE and allowing it to reboot does fix the problem until the next 2-3 days dropout.

Fimware is 5.7. I am using WPA2 Personal encryption, automatic channel selection, 802.11b/g combined mode, multicast of 2Mbps, transmit power 100%, and WPA Group Key timeout of 1 hour. I am not using closed network or interface robustness suppression or MAC access control.

Everything else is pretty straightforward; using DHCP, DHCP leases for 4 hours, etc. At any give time, I probably have 4-6 clients connected to the router.

I obviously can't access the log when the event occurs since I can't connect to the router even through AirPort Utility. I guess I could try a LAN connection to read the log.

Any similar experiences or suggestions?

Best Answer

Make sure you don't have any 2.4Ghz cordless phones near your Airport Extreme. Some of this phone will tend to do what you describe when they interfere with your Airport Extreme, at least that used to happen to me with an Airport Express I had.