Macbook pro 2018 – microphone shown as 1 input in Audio MIDI setup

audiomacbook promicrophone

Microphone quality is really poor in my Macbook pro 2018 (15 inch) when I compare it to Macbook pro 2016.

When I enter Audio MIDI Setup on Macbook pro 2018 I see (sorry for polish lamguage):
enter image description here

However in Macbook pro 2016 it was:

enter image description here

Is it OK for my Macbook pro 2018 (15 inch) to have only 1-in ?

Best Answer

This seems normal.

Looking at the tech specs for both the 2016 MacBook Pro and the 2018 MacBook Pro, you will see under the "Audio" section, that they have 3 microphones and 2 microphones respectively.

So, it appears that the 2018 model has one less microphone channel and this is what you're seeing. As for audio input, I would look at getting a quality USB audio DAC instead of using the built in microphones