MacBook – permanently turn off discrete graphics chip on macbook pro

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My trusty 2011 mbp discrete graphics chip has died.
It wouldn't boot- just gets to a point in the boot and shows bad lines on the screen and hangs. It even hangs on a USB recovery disk so it isn't the internal drive/settings.

I put the mbp into target disk mode and moved /System/Library/Extensions/AMD6000Controller.kext folder, cleared the kernel caches and restarted – and the computer works!
Yay, but now the screen is really laggy – and is not usable.
Wondered if there are tweaks I can do to the the AMD6000Controller.kext info.plist that will cause the integrated graphics chip to always be used?

Best Answer

I called apple, and even though the macbook was 5 years out of warranty, and the warranty extension program had finished end 2016, they still honoured the warranty. So i got a new logic board for free. Happy days. ;-)