MacBook – How to customize new Siri voice in the Speech of Accessibility

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Siri has a peppy new voice. And I want to use this voice to help me read selected texts. However, I don't know how to set it. Why can't we use the new Siri voice?

System Preferences –> Accessibility –> Speech –> System Voice –> Customize

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This is my Siri setting:

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Best Answer

The answer is simple--but I think you may not like it. Siri's voice can be selected for text-to-speech only on iOS devices. The reason you do not see it listed among your MacBook's System Voice choices is that Siri's voice is not available as a System Voice on MacOS. On Apple's computers, Siri will be heard only in its role as the Siri personal assistant. You need to use a iPhone or an iPad to have Siri speak selected text.