MacBook – Connecting MacBook Air to two VGA/DVI monitors

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I have a 13" MacBook Air (2012) and I would like to connect it to two external Lenovo Thinkvision monitors. Both monitors are identical. They have both a VGA port and a DVI port on the back (see photo).

I am not certain how the ports can be used properly to connect the two monitors together. What is the easiest way to use them both with a MacBook Air that has only one Thunderbolt port? Can I use a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter to connect to one monitor via a VGA cable and then use a DVI cable between the two monitors?

I would like to use both monitors without purchasing an expensive piece of hardware like the Matrox TripleHead2Go.

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Best Answer

since they air only has 1 thunderbolt and some usb2 ports, you're pretty pinched.

you could get a thunderbolt dock along the lines of the caldigit unit.. this has an hdmi and a pass-through thunderbolt on it.

you can then get an hdmi-dvi cable for oen monitor and a thunderbolt to dvi adapter for the other.

another option would just be a thunderbolt hub. neither solution is very cheap, but it willg et you wht you want. there are also devices for usb-vga conversion, but that's a last resort, imho.

i'm curious how well these will be powered (how much resolution and how laggy) they will be, but it should work.