MacBook – Bootcamp + Windows 8.1 + Apple Macbook 2011

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Recently I installed Windows 8.1 64bit on my Macbook Pro (2011). Everything went fine and I am able to duel boot using Bootcamp.

Only issue I am facing is poor performance in Windows. Its taking around 1-1.5 minute to boot, while another laptop of dell with i3 processor and 4gb ram is able to boot in 4-6 seconds in same OS.

My macbook configuration is not latest but it with 2nd gen core i5 and 4 GB ram it should be faster (OS X boots in 13-16 seconds).

Also when running Visual Studio in Windows noticed that my disk i/o goes to 100% utilization and that time macbook goes terribly slow. So somewhere it seems related to hard disk speed. However I want to be sure before investing in new hard disk.

So if getting a new 7200 RPM hard disk with 16MB cache can solve the issue or if its due to Bootcamp virtualization and for disk i/o Windows has to go through bootcamp drivers and thus making process slow. I already tried specifying Pagefile size in Windows with no noticeable change.

Yet if adding memory instead of HDD can solve issue then I would go for memory route.

So please suggest me, how to determine exactly what is not correct for Windows 8.1 on Macbook pro and what sort of upgrade can solve the issue.



I tried ReadyBoost option with no luck. I found a 16 GB brand new USB stick, dedicated that entirely for ReadyBoost in Windows 8.1 and yet facing similar performance (or might be even slower).

Also looking at task manager, it seems plenty of RAM is free for Windows but HDD is active 100% for most of the time and average response time is 810ms (doesn't sound good to me, yet not sure on that). CPU usage seems fair.

Task manager, while running Hello World program in Visual Studio 2013

Best Answer

SSD might do it - that's what I'm guessing is the difference between your boot time of 1:30, which is about right for an HD boot drive, compared to 5s, which is fast even for an SSD [I'd suspect it was hibernating rather than booting to be quite that fast]

More RAM would also help a lot - 4GB is bare minimum for a modern 64-bit OS, 8 is more acceptable, 16 would be nice. Your lack of RAM will be what is causing Visual Studio to be paging to the hard drive, at a guess, & causing the slowdown.