Mac – Stop MacBook Pro from disconnecting network while downloading larger files


I am using a Gigabit Ethernet adapter (Apple) to connect to my network. While downloading larger files the MacBook Pro blanks the screen and disconnects the network even though it is active doing the download.

Being new to Mac, I don't know where to look other than in the System Preferences under Energy Saver and Network. Is there any other place to check in order to stop this behavior?

Best Answer

What OS is it? 10.9 shouldn't have this problem if you update. Just make sure the network access is checked in energy saver.

Alternatively: 'Note: Portable computers have no network connectivity when in sleep mode, but can wake if the Energy Saver option "Wake for network access" is enabled. If you wish to use file sharing or don't want to interrupt your Internet connection, you should not manually put the computer to sleep, and you should drag the "Computer sleep" slider to Never.'