Load kext in recovery mode


I've developed a kernel-extension and I'd like to load it in all possible modes which are Recovery-Mode, Safe boot and of course Normal mode.

When I stored my kext bundle In /Library/Extensions From normal mode, and then restart my machine and move to Recovery Mode, I couldn't find my kext in /Library/Extensions and therefore I tend to believe that Recovery Mode uses different partition.

My question is how can I access this partition from Normal mode, so when I install my driver, I can also place it where prelinked kernel can load it in Recovery Mode as well ?

Best Answer

I think that is quite simple just make sure you mount your Main drive in disk utility in recovery then make more of your Main drive name then quit Diskutilty and click on Utilties on the upper menu bar and then click terminal and to load your kext simply type kextload -b /Volumes/Maindrivename/Library/Extensions/kextbundle Just make sure you replace the command I provided accordingly.