IPhone – way to use Siri with the Bluetooth


I have a new Bluetooth headset and would like to use Siri with it. As far as I know, the standard way is to hold down the "call" button for a long press. Unfortunately, my headset treats a 3-second press as a "turn off" signal. Is there a workaround? Possible options I've thought of include shortening the press needed to trigger Siri, remapping the "redial" function (which on this headset involves double-tapping the button", using an alternate combo to trigger Siri, or turning on "Hey Siri" for Bluetooth only.

Best Answer

Most wireless headsets use a double tap of the main button for voice commands (like Siri)

You are trying to use it like wired headphones that have the controller by trying with the hold of the main button

If it has a second button also try double pressing or holding it