IPhone – No explicit songs show on the music


I just purchased a bunch of new songs through the iTunes store on my computer and one by one I saw them being iClouded onto my iPhone.

I was very happy about this until I noticed that none of the songs that i bought marked "Explicit" were showing up.

Is there a way to fix this because I like these songs and honestly it's like one word so I don't see the big deal.

Can someone please tell me if it is possible to get these explicit songs onto music on my phone?

Best Answer

Check your Restrictions.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions.

  2. Enter your passcode.

  3. Look under "Allowed Content" for "Music, Podcasts & iTunes U", it should say "Explicit" to the right.


If it does not, tap on it and enable it.


If everything is greyed out when you arrive at Restrictions, it means they are disabled; I've read people have had some success enabling them, allowing explicit content and then disabling Restrictions again.