IPhone – How to know the date of photo/video taken after downloaded from icloud website


I got problem downloading icloud for my PC, so I access my icloud from icloud.com (mozilla browser). I want to free up my cloud storage, so I need to download all my photos and videos from icloud.

Problem #1: I need to select one by one the file, cannot select all.

Problem #2: After downloaded, I don't know when the photos/videos is taken. All properties is showing today's date. (media created, date created, date taken, date modified).

Is there any solutions to avoiding a PC web browser from not respecting the file metadata (location / EXIF / date taken) stored in iCloud or a solution to read that metadata from the file itself and fix the filesystem dates that Windows provides?

Best Answer

Problem #1: You'll probably need to download iCloud. Apps are almost always more fully featured than websites, because of their capability to access your hardware, and their lack of web security limitations.

Problem #2: You may not be able to fix this. If you can't find the date anywhere on iCloud.com, or through the iCloud app, it may be data that doesn't exist.

Tips: Try using Chrome instead of Firefox. If you are on a Mac, use Safari.

Tips for getting iCloud app to work: Restart your computer. Turn off Windows Security Center and your firewall (temporarily). Don't forget to turn those back on when you have successfully installed and run iCloud.

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