IPhone – disable iphone screen activation when plugging in a charger


I want to use a low power, ultra light weight solar charger for a three week backpacking trip. But I have heard that any shadows will lower the output causing the phone repeatedly start/stop charging. On an iPhone, this causes the screen to repeatedly activate for a few seconds to say "charging started". This uses a lot of power I can't afford to waste! Can I stop the iPhone from waking up the screen when its battery begins to charge? iPhone 5, iOS 9.3.5.

Best Answer

There is no native way to achieve this. Here are some alternatives:

1. Low-light mode. Go to Settings - General - Accessibility - Zoom - Zoom Filter - Low Light. Enable zoom, double-tap the screen with three fingers, and you now have extra low light mode.

2. Buy a solar charger with a built-in battery

3. Jailbreak. There are many tweaks on this, but I will not list them here as I advise against jailbreaking.