IPad – Scripting on iPad – accessing features like accelerometer, GPS, etc


Are there any scripting languages for the iPad that can access native functionality like accelerometer, GPS, text messages, etc?

I know that it is possible to write Scheme and Python scripts but I don't think they can access any of the native functionality.

Is there any way to do this?

If not, why not? Is it that Apple won't allow scripting environments in to the app store or is it the case that no one has bothered creating it?

Best Answer

techBASIC 3.1 supports the following connection and build-in sensor technologies:

  1. Bluetooth LE.

  2. WiFi via TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP.

  3. HiJack (An A-D converter that plugs into the headphone jack).

  4. Built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer.

  5. Access to composite information for heading, location (GPS/hotspot/cell tower), elevation, direction of travel.

  6. Send emails (with user intervention).

  7. Take photos or access the photo library.

It does not support:

  1. The serial port. (It was implemented, but Apple would not allow this support to be released.)

  2. Classic Bluetooth.

  3. Receive emails. (Apple won't allow this.)

  4. Send/receive text messages.