IOS – Unhide hidden app purchases on iOS 14.2


I have hidden a number of app purchases, and I would now like to unhide them. If you go to the App Store (iOS 14.2), tap your profile picture and go to account settings, you can click "Hidden Purchases" to see a list. The text below the link even says "Unhide purchases that you have previously hidden."

If you go to this list, however, you can only download those purchase. Searching claims you should be able to swipe to the left to unhide them, but the app does not respond to any form of swiping on those icons (both iPad and iPhone).

Is there any way to unhide certain purchases?

Best Answer

You are correct.

You can't unhide an app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but you can redownload an app. You don't have to buy the app again.