IOS – Unable to enable development on iOS 10.1.1


I am currently having an issue with Xcode 8.2.1 not being able to activate developing on my iPhone 7 Plus (on iOS 10.1.1). Whenever I try to deploy an application, it gives me the following error:

An error was encountered while enabling development on this device. Please try rebooting and reconnecting the device. (0xE8000076)

In the iPhone's console, I found the following errors:

Does anyone have an idea what I could possibly do to solve this issue? Any solutions I have found so far did not work at all. And yes, I did already try rebooting and reconnecting multiple times.

Best Answer

Maybe you forgot to register your device with your develop account? I got that error code (0x8000076) when I forgot to register it. To double check:

If it is missing, create a new entry.