IOS – ny way to control Mac volume from Apple Watch


Is there a way to control a Mac's audio volume from Apple Watch? Apple didn't provide Watch functionality for system-wide Mac volume adjusting as far as I know.

NB: The only so-so way I've found is if audio is playing from Mac iTunes, and the iPhone/Watch is paired with that library via Home Sharing. The volume can then be changed with the Watch Remote app – but that doesn't trigger system-wide volume. It only changes iTunes' in-app volume.

Is there some third-party software for iOS/WatchOS that can accomplish this?

Note about iPhones: I know that the iOS app BTT Remote can control a Mac's volume, but unfortunately there is no Watch app for it.

Best Answer

I've used MacID with great success on my Pebble smartwatch but they also have support for Apple Watch. It's $4 but TOTALLY worth it!

The watch app requires the companion iPhone app to sync with the desktop app and control the volume and track selection.

And that's not all, the iPhone to Mac has a proximity sensor so you can set your computer to unlock AS YOU APPROACH IT and lock if you get up to walk away.

I hope this answer helps :)