IMac – System on external drive using on iMac and MacBook Pro

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A few days ago I moved system to an external drive and I use it with my iMac. Everything runs nice and smooth. Today my new MacBook Pro arrived, but when I switch the Macs and start my system from my external disk everytime I start I get asked for my Apple ID and password (because of the App Scenario and maybe others.)

Why can't Apple store the information that I am using two Macs with this App instead of have to type in my password every time.

Has anybody an idea?

Login screen like that:
enter image description here

Best Answer

It's because authorizations are OS or profile based, but machine bound. Every time you start the OS on a Mac that is different from the last time it started up, all authorizations become invalid and have to be reissued and are stored on your disk again for the machine that you currently use.

Look in to Mobile Homes to see if that would work.

By the way, what you are doing is probably totally unsupported, so bugs are to be expected, even if it works.