ICloud – My iCloud account name and AirDrop name do not match


I use my Apple ID on both a MacBook Pro (for work) and an iMac (at home). Here is the screenshot of my ID in System Preferences on my MBP.

enter image description here

It looks fine.

However my son at home had done a certain thing on the iMac with the ID and this problem appears:

In AirDrop on other Mac PCs, I see the following:

enter image description here

The user name is somehow changed to my son's name.

I have tried

1) login/logout of the iCloud account

2) resetting the profile picture.

But it was unable to reset the name. Everything else seems ok – I can AirDrop files to and from the iMac without a problem.

How can I fix this issue? Where does AirDrop pick up the name other than from my iCloud settings?

Best Answer

Try opening Sharing under System Preferences, then change the name there. It should change your AirDrop name.