ICloud – Link to a note in Apple Notes, from another note


In Apple Notes on the Mac, is it possible to reference a note from within another note (by way of hyperlink)?

So, for example, if I had two notes:

Thoughts about pastries

Pastries are great. Truly wonderful treats. But you know what my favorite types of pastries are? Donuts. I've even made a list of the types of [donuts I've eaten].


Donuts I've Eaten

Chocolate, Glazed, Frosted, Encrusted…

How could I link the text [donuts I've eaten] from the first note to the second note?

Best Answer

This seems to be the only way to do it, as of macOS 10.13:

  1. You must have all the notes you want links to in your iCloud folder

  2. Go to your iCloud account, and find the note you want to link to: e.g. https://www.icloud.com/#notes2/0-mKJHuGHud53r4, or the donuts I've eaten note in your case. Copy the iCloud URL for this note Command+c.

  3. In your Thoughts about pastries note, select/highlight the passage donuts I've eaten, then do Command+k. Paste (Command+v) the URL in the Link Destination dialog.

Hope that helps. And yes, it is "sub-optimal" that Apple doesn't have a better way to do this (my apologies to Apple if you do, but you shouldn't keep it secret!)