How to kill the “server connections interrupted” window/process

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When my MacBook wakes up, away from a network it was previously connected to, it shows the "server connections interrupted" window. When I click "disconnect all", I get a spinning beach ball of death. Restarting the finder doesn't help. Logging out and restarting is not possible anymore. The only thing I can do is a hard reset.

Or is there a way to kill the process from the terminal or from the activity monitor?

Strange fact: when the interrupted connection window is beachballing, I'm also unable to invoke the 'About this mac…' command in the apple menu. Nothing happens…

interrupted connections

unable to reopen the finder after force quit

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Best Answer

If the issue is not common enough to find a solution on the Apple Knowlegde Base then it is most probably a rare issue caused by a corruption in the operating system or a 3'rd party application. Under these circumstances I would recommend one of the following:

  • Reinstalling OS X (after performing a backup, preferably with Time Machine).
  • Find someone else with identical hardware and software to see if their laptop does the same thing under the same circumstances (might be a compatibility issue with your wireless access point or router?)
  • Make a reservation at the Apple Genius Bar, they are great troubleshooters and will be able to tell you if there is something wrong with your laptop hardware or software.
  • A lot of troubleshooting information can be written to the OS X Console. Just have it running (and visible) while replicating this issue and it might print some information related to the issue.

I hope one of those steps can help you diagnose the issue, as it does not seem to be common enough to find a single solution for :-)

UPDATE: Since it appears that you are running "ADMitMac" which probably integrates with OS X in a significant way, and considering your issues are network related, there is a rather large red flag surrounding this software. I would strongly recommend uninstalling it as a trial to diagnose the issues you are encountering.