How to connect Apple TV (3rd Gen) to the Internet through proxy


I have an Apple TV 3rd Gen (a1469) running OS 7.2.2. I need it to connect to the Internet through a proxy.

I've tried downloading AppleConfigurator2 Version 2.7.1 on a Mac with macOS 10.13, but I don't see the Apple TV from AppleConfigurator's interface.

How do I connect the Apple TV (3rd Gen) to the Internet through a proxy?

Best Answer

I've not used this particular service but from the looks of it it seems pretty straightforward and easy to setup and configure with a Apple TV. There's a video titled: Apple TV Setup for Smart DNS Proxy on that page that'll guide you through the steps.

Basically what you'll be doing is the following steps:

  • Setup an account on Smart DNS Proxy website from a PC
  • On your Apple TV go to Settings → General → Network
  • Go to Configure DNS and select Manual
  • Select an IP for a DNS server from this page that's reasonably close to you
  • Reboot your Apple TV

NOTE: The full steps are here if you need to change your location etc.