External HD partition table destroyed

hard drive

I was trying to create bootable USB media in Boot Camp Assistant. Had a small USB plugged in and my HDD. Upon formatting I think my partition table screwed up. I had 2 partitions. 1.2TB NTFS and 0.8TB exFAT. Immediately I ran diskutil and gpt which show:

$ gpt show
       start        size  index  contents
           0           1         MBR
           1          62
          63  2344529857      1  MBR Part 7
  2344529920  1562497024      2  MBR Part 7
  3907026944        2220

diskutil (I already tried to fix using gpt add – causing both partitions to read NTFS):

$ diskutil list
/dev/disk1 (external, physical):
   #:                   TYPE NAME               SIZE      IDENTIFIER
   0: FDisk_partition_scheme                   *2.0 TB    disk1
   1:           Windows_NTFS                    1.2 TB    disk1s1
   1:           Windows_NTFS                    800.0 GB  disk1s2

I tried to recover it using gpt add and made the GUID NTFS for both. They wouldnt mount.


I then tried pdisk and completely ruined my partition table.


Is there a way i can get my partitions back? After pdisk my gpt show now reads:

$ gpt show
       start         size  index  contents
           0   3907029164

and diskutil reads:

$ diskutil list
/dev/disk2 (external, physical):
   #:                   TYPE NAME               SIZE      IDENTIFIER
   0:                                          *2.0 TB    disk2

Am I screwed? I havent written to the HD. I know my files and partitions are still there. I just need help fixing this.

(p.s. currently using testdisk and scanning as an INTEL drive).

Best Answer

Given that this is about data loss on a windows-formatted disk, you might want to ask in a windows-centric place. It sounds to me like data recovery (deleted file scans) would be your only hope.

I'm not clear, did you have a USB thumb drive and a 2 TB USB HDD plugged in, and picked the wrong one for making the Bootcamp tools?