Create a new iTunes column for “Play count/skip count ratio”


Is it possible to somehow create a new column in iTunes for "Play count/skip count" ratio? I usually use Play Count as a way to determine what songs I like the most, but this typically excludes newer songs (unless I limit the playlist by date).

However, if I had a new column that took a song's play count and compared it to the song's skip count (such as 50 plays to 2 skips, 25:1; versus 20 plays and 5 skips, 4:1), then it'd be easier to see what songs I truly like, regardless of its age.

So, can this be done in iTunes at all, or is it absolutely not feasible?

Best Answer

The columns and metadata that iTunes supports is hard coded unfortunately. There's no way to add a custom field or column to the browser.

You might be able to get a similar effect with some combination of smart playlists and/or some external scripting, but there's nothing built in that will do what you need.