Chrome and Safari keeps hanging after upgrading to macOS High Sierra

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Since upgrading to High Sierra, both Chrome and Safari have been hanging randomly following startup. The rainbow pinwheel would appear every few seconds and I'd have to force quit/re-open those applications. However, the same problem keeps recurring no matter how many times I restart.

The only potential solution that I've come across is from


Check and if you’re getting errors from sandboxd and hidd
(IOKit), your problem is a third party software. It’s probably because
it wasn’t supported by the new APFS file system. It tries to
repeatedly update causing your Mac laptop to be stuck in an endless
loop. To fix this issue, just find and remove this app and everything
will be fine.

Following these instructions I found that there was a reoccurring error with hidd, however, I am unable to make sense of the message. Could someone kindly explain what it means?

enter image description here

Otherwise, has anyone had a similar issue with Chrome/Safari? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it. Thanks!

Best Answer

Frustrating to say the least. try this:

It appears to be an issue with the WindowServer running when running your display in scaled mode. After setting the resolution for my displays to "Default for display" chrome and firefox issues disappeared. Granted, the resolution is shit, waste of my 4k displays but, I'll take that over the freezing nonsense.