Can Google Chrome auto updating extensions be stopped


A few days ago a hacked version of a Google Chrome extension I use was distributed via Chrome's automatic extension updates.

Is it possible to stop Google Chrome from automatically updating extensions?

I've seen instructions on how to do block Google Chrome itself from updating, and how to block individual extensions from updating, but those were for Windows, not Mac OS X.

I'm currently running Chrome 60.0.3112.50 beta, under OS 10.12.5.

Thanks for any assistance.

Best Answer

Yeah, it can be blocked. There is an extension to block auto-update by extensions. See

Disclaimer: I wrote it. At this instant, I am its only user, so exercise caution.

It provides an enable button and a disable button, which enable/disable all extensions from auto-updating. It works by updating the manifest files to prevent/enable the extensions from finding their auto-update site.