Adobe Reader Updater legitimate


I just got the following popup:

enter image description here

Is this a legitimate update from Adobe?

The reason I'm concerned:

  • The Flashback virus started off as a fake Adobe Flash update.
  • The UI on the application does not look like it is using native components. It seems like it's running Java or something similar.
  • I didn't run anything to prompt this. It just popped up on its own.

Other notes:

  • This is an actual application (it appears in the dock).
  • The application has no about menu.
  • I do have Adobe Reader installed, but it wasn't running at the time. (In fact, I haven't launched it in a while.)
  • There is nothing related to Adobe Reader (or the updater) in my login items (System Prefs > Users > Login Items).
  • The process name shows up as Adobe Reader Updater in Activity Monitor.
  • The Details link goes to which redirects to (However, that doesn't say much. Malware could just as easily link to the official website in order to appear legitimate.)

Best Answer

It seems like it is legitimate for the following reasons:

  • When I launch Adobe Reader, it automatically updates the UI of the application to tell me that Adobe Reader needs to be closed in order for me to install this update.
  • My current version really is one below the one it's asking me to update to (10.1.2).
  • Under Adobe Reader's Update preferences, I had it checked to automatically download and prompt me to install updates.
  • Adobe's website shows that 10.1.3 really is the latest version.
  • When I run Help > Check for Updates, the same Adobe Reader Updater application is launched (or rather focused).