64-bit ports of 32-bit Apple apps


I've delayed updating to Catalina due to a few applications which I will lose access to, due to them being compiled for 32-bit architecture. While the third-party apps are not overly difficult to address, there is one Apple app which I still use and rely on, Pages '09, and cannot go without.*

Are there any ways to find 64-bit ports of 32-bit Apple apps, like Pages '09 ?

*Before anyone comments, yes I know that there are newer versions of Pages, but when I'm writing, I much prefer the UI of the older version, so newer versions are a non-option.

Best Answer

There is an application/patch called Retroactive that might let you run Pages '09; not quite sure, as the documentation isn't that specific.I know it addresses Aperture, and I plan on trying it after I patch my '11 MBP to run Catalina

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